Monday, 11 June 2012

Back to wartime

Last weekend we went back to wartime. 

Down under of Waterloo Station, there's a set of tunnels which on Saturday night, played host to a D-Day celebration. Not a pair of jeans, or mini skirt in sight; it was all victory curls, braces, flat caps and a lot of military uniforms.

We drank champagne from wide rimmed glasses, and danced to all the greats from the 1940s. 

Some soldier even offered to sell me some nylons at the bar.

I now want to wear hats on a daily basis.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilant Jubilee

This past weekend, London went a little bit mad. Queen mad.

We hung bunting right across the country...

 And baked jubilant goods to share with friends and family.

On Friday under fluttering union jacks, we drank Pimms in a faux garden on the Southbank, next to a massive upside down inflatable purple cow (which is also an entertainment venue).

On Saturday it was a Jubilee housewarming featuring cupcakes with the Queen's face.

Sunday saw us head to the Thames to watch waves of boats make their way down the river. On the water's edge, we queued (obviously) amongst friendly strangers who we soon became engaged in conversation with. After numerous games of cheese charades (Parmesan is easier than double Gloucester) the show eventually began. On our tip-toes we saw kayaks, row boats, Royals, paddle steamers, leisure boats (filled with unrecognisable nobility), and an orchestra. Then the bus took us home to a house party that had cooked an entire pig in the backyard.

On Monday we awoke still in a pig haze, but had delicate sandwiches, cupcakes, scones, and a union jack sponge cake that needed to be constructed. Another Pimms soaked afternoon ensued, with a rare window of sunshine which allowed us to move the fun onto the terrace for a small time.

The long, long, weekend ended on Tuesday in front of the telly watching the final Royal procession (largely in fast forward) and Jubilee concert highlights. After discovering the slow-motion button, we watched Cliff Richard slap his behind forwards and backwards numerous times, along with one of Camilla's particularly feathery hats, wave in the wind like a sea anemone. A curry and a beer on Brick Lane polished off a right royal British weekend.

 It's times like these that I realise, I live in the greatest city on Earth.