Tuesday, 29 July 2008

An anti-religious experience

I could never understand some New Zealanders being so incredibly awestruck when they met famous rugby players.

But last night, I had that feeling. I sat perched in a chair for two hours, leaning forward, eyes wide, hands clasped.

Seven foot in front of me, on a stage I could have reached out and touched, was Salman Rushdie. Talking away quite happily, in his casual black trainers and slightly baggy jeans scuffed at the heel, about his book Midnight's Children which just won the Best of Booker Prize.

If Salman and I weren't such atheists, it would have been a religious experience.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

5 reasons why I'm in love with London right now

1. Post codes

I love the postcodes in this country. I love the way when you are internet shopping you type your post code in and it tells you your address. They only introduced post codes into New Zealand last year and they have 4 digits.

2. Berry berry nice

Right now I'm eating bran flakes with possibly the sweetest raspberries I've ever tasted. Bought as I walked into work this morning from the fruit man outside who calls me darlin'.

3. Sunshine

BBC tells me it is going to be 28 degrees today.

4. The Guardian

This genius newspaper will always be on my top 5 list of great things in this city.

5. So much to do, so little time....

Surely it is impossible to be bored in this city. On Saturday I'm going to a Pirate party on a boat on the Thames. Two Saturdays ago I broke a world mass dancing record in Trafalgar Square with 2000 other people.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Post-dating comedown

What is next when you have just finished 17 dates in 17 consecutive days? I have to say that I am now at somewhat of a loss.

It is very strange to finish work and not have to rush off to a pre-arranged location within London, to meet a friend of a friend of a friend's colleague.

I just don't know how I can top this stunt. But any ideas would be most welcome.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

A Duvet Sandwich

Years of sleeping alone in large beds has done strange things to me.

For the last few months I have found myself sleeping diagonally. Occasionally I would wake up to find myself peculiarly perpendicular.

But most recently I have moved to the duvet sandwich style of sleep.

I lie on top of half my duvet and fold the other half over me so I resemble a sort of white poofy synthetic slug.

It really is awfully comfortable.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Ruby

A very special little girl turns one today. Across the other side of the world.
14 July, 2007
Dear Beth
I saw you for the first time ever, just now.

You were magnified in a little glass case, protecting you from the outside world. This safe haven allowing you a few more weeks of shelter before you begin to make your way out here, with the rest of us.

On your back, you kicked and wrestled with the still uncomfortable coldness of this world. Your little chest rose and fell quickly and sharply, while you beat your powerful legs against the air.

You were all yawns, with your little mouth stretching for oxygen. But eventually you sank back into restfulness, your limbs getting a rest.

“How can something so little work by itself?” I thought. Teeny lungs and a little heart, blood flooding its way around your tiny, fragile body.

Now in all the pictures of you I see, your cheeky character shines through. In floppy summer hats under brilliantly blue skies. Wrapped in towels with your parents doing funny things to your hair. Pictures that we will pull out in twenty years time. You will look at them and laugh at the fashions of the time. Trying to imagine your parents that young.

Happy birthday baby Beth.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Am I not even half way?

So you want a taste of all that dating advice I'm gathering on my journey?

As the 'victim' who I went out with a few days ago advised me (who had a slightly nervous demeanour which very briefly made me wonder if he was going to drag me into the long grass and smother me with a crisp packet) you should figure out what you like to do, and go to places where guys who like the same thing hang out.

So I am currently trying to think of where a man who likes long distance off road running, curling up on a rainy day with words and books, long train journeys in far away countries, coffee, Sunday newspapers, recreational activities on water, antipasto, Kings of Leon, and dislikes telly might spend his time....

Saturday, 5 July 2008

5 down - 15 to go

My life has been hijacked by dating.

When I’m not out actually on them, I am planning them, writing notes about them, or trying to line more of them up. I need a PA. And possibly 12 consecutive hours of sleep.

I barely have time for work in my life right now. Let alone laundry.