Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A quick and dirty life audit

In a fit of dissertation procrastination recently, I thought I'd do an audit of the contents of my purse.

My friend Eloise almost hyperventilates every time she sees my fabulous red purse. Partially because she's got good taste in accessories, but mainly because she can't cope with the way it looks like it's about to explode into a massive spontaneous tornado of Sainsbury's receipts and coffee loyalty cards.

So, the other day when I was staring into the pockets of my financial life, I wondered what was really in there, and what it says about a person.

Here's the answer to my first question:

1x National Insurance card
2x credit cards
2x debit cards
1x drivers licence
1x work swipe card
1x M&S gift card with about £5 left on it
1x Oasis gift card (last year's birthday present from work I've not managed to spend)
1x Waterstones gift card (this year's birthday offering from work)
1x Waterstones loyalty card
1x Boots loyalty card
1x Superdrug loyalty card
1x Nectar loyalty card
1x St John's Ambulance emergency treatment card + 1x face shield for CPR
1x Wellcome Library membership card
1x gym membership card (a bit dusty)
5x my own business cards with an old job title
1x blood donor card
1x organ donor card
1x bone marrow donor card
2x food loyalty cards

...And a grand total of eight coffee loyalty cards.

My friend at work told me today that this actually makes me a very disloyal coffee drinker.

I guess that would also make me a very disloyal flyer considering my six frequent flyer memberships..

If I was to analyse that list and think about what it says about me as a person, I'd say I like to collect things (points and stamps), but I also quite like the idea of giving things away (namely blood, organs, and bone marrow).

And I should probably go back to the gym. If only to work off all the caffeine.